To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections, we currently limit the number of people who can attend the zazen session. Advance reservation is required and subject to availability at the time of reservation. For reservation or enquiry, please email us at kouunzazen@outlook.jp
 Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

曹洞禅宗 成城山 耕雲寺 春は花 夏ほととぎす 秋は月 冬雪さえて冷たしかりけり

About Kouunji

Kouunji is a temple of Sotoshu (The Soto Zen School) with almost 300 years of history. In 1991, it was moved to its current location. The modern style main building is surrounded by flowers and trees, creating a relaxed atmosphere throughout the four seasons at the residential area in Tokyo. The Zazen sessions include a training for beginners, which are welcome to participate in our Zazen practice. Please join us if you are interested in Zazen!


About Zazen session

Saturday Zazen

Beginners are welcome to participate in the Saturday Zazen session which is held every Saturday evening. Beginners are trained in doing Zazen. After the session, there are lectures or discussions.

Sunday morning Zazen

There is Sunday morning Zazen on the first Sunday of every month. After the session, breakfast is served with rice porridge (Okayu).

If you have questions, please mail to


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