Q and A about Zazen

Q1.Can people with no experience participate in the session ?

A1.Yes, that is possible.
Before the Saturday Zazen, there is a training for beginners. If you are interested in Zazen and can speak Japanese, just come to Kouunji(without prior notice). If you don’t speak Japanese, please send us an email in advance.

Q2.How about attire ?

A2.No special attire is required.
There is no specific dress code to do Zazen, but it is recommended to ware casual and loose pants to feel relaxed. Tank top is not recommended.

Q3.Are there rules in Zazen ?

A3.Yes, there are some rules. Please adhere to the following:

1 No accessories and watches.
2 No perfume.
3 No socks, no stockings.
4 No valuables.

Q4.Is there a dressing room ?

There are dressing rooms to change clothing at Kouunji.

Q5.Are there any accommodations ?

There are no accommodations at Kouunji.

Q6.Is reservation necessary?

A6.No reservation needed.
You do not need to reserve in advance if you speak Japanese. Just come to Kouunji before 6:30 PM Saturday.If you don’t speak Japanese, please send an email to

Q7.Is there a parking lot?

Please let us know one day in advance if you wish to use it.

Training at Zazen room
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